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Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals Testimonials

True life stories from people who are using these exceptional antioxidant, herbal extract, vitamins and minerals formulations.

going from strength to strength

She started taking Revenol, and now after only six weeks is surprising herself, and me by keeping up easily with me when we go for a walk.  Sometimes due to her newfound energy and enthusiasm she overdoes it and drops back, but she is without doubt going from strength to strength.

I will close this testimonial with Adele's specific instructions to me, "Dad you must tell other people of my experience, my life for the past eight years would have been so different, if I had known of these products".

John Gilroy

would not be alive today

I decided to take Revenol which was one of the best things that I have ever done in my life.  I started to improve,… My energy increased.  My days got longer and I started to come alive again.  I started walking and it was a whole new life for me…  I also thank Tom Mower and his family because without these products I probably would not be alive today.

Kevin Hynes

enjoying our retirement

I am writing to thank you for introducing Rosemary and myself to Revenol.  I am now able to report that I can enjoy visiting exhibitions, shops and especially gardening without discomfort.

The net result is that we can now really look forward to enjoying our retirement, particularly in the garden.

John Clark

I want to thank you

I have been taking Cascading Revenol, Revenol and Maximol every day for the last three months.  I want to thank you all at Neways.  I am absolutely hook on these products forever…Thank you so much!

Angela Eggleston

worked very well for me

Nine months ago a friend of mine introduced me to a powerful antioxidant containing grape seed extract and pine bark extract.  I have been taking two tablets per day since then and am delighted.  My husband is also taking this antioxidant and he is very pleased with the results he's getting.

I am not easily swayed by supplementary treatment bit I have to admit that this product has worked very well for me.  The thing that impresses me most is that if it has this effect on the outside - what is it doing on the inside!

Jacqui Pearce

have always been disappointed

My name is Jane Worsley and I am a clinical biochemist and a barrister.  Over the years I have spent much money on various herbal and homeopathic remedies and whilst some of these have offered some relief of my pain and inflammation, I have always been disappointed with the results.

I have no doubt that Revenol has helped me more than any other non-conventional treatment that I have tried. 

Jane Worsley

reaching the age of sixty-two

I also began taking a powerful antioxidant called Revenol which Jenny suggested as the ideal partner with Maximol for general health.  The effects of these supplements are subtle and they creep up almost unnoticed over the months.  Now in October, several things have become apparent to me… It could all be coincidence.  Perhaps one health improves when reaching the age of sixty-two.  But just in case I shall keep on taking Maximol and Revenol!

Njal Parker

a little sceptical

In February 2000 my wife was introduced to Neways.  My wife thought it may be a good idea for me as I was suffering with general apathy, was grumpy and constantly tire - and though a little sceptical, I agreed to take a course of both Revenol and Maximol. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  Within a matter of days my energy levels had risen to what I would consider normal, and over the following weeks I was feeling more energetic than I had done in years.

Simon Barren

more energy

I thought I must write and let you how my partner and I are feeling after a couple of weeks of Maximol and Revenol.

The first thing I notice was how much better we were both sleeping, and waking much more refreshed and ready to attack the new day.

Throughout the day our energy levels are maintained, and I don't seem to flag during the afternoon like I used to.  I also seem to have a clearer outlook on life.

We shall both continue to take them for many years to come.

Lyn Royal

terrific value

Just a few lines to say thanks for Maximol and Revenol.  It's putting us on the right track for an improved lifestyle.  We feel better within ourselves and look good as well.  So it's well worth the money on both counts.  So well done Neways; you're tops in our eyes.

Ronnie & Liz Stewart

so different from before

I started to take a course of Revenol and Maximol.  The effect was most remarkable.  I was able to take my youngest daughter out for a whole day hiking.  I now have plenty of energy and my daughter remarked, "That was the best day I have had, since I was born".  I am now on my second month of my supplements and I am able to enjoy a sound sleep and wake up feeling refreshed - so different from before.  Thank you Neways.

Ms Roz Parker

improved energy and mobility

I was very sceptical but agreed to try Revenol and Maximol.  At first I felt no improvement but after a while friends and family commented on my improved energy and mobility.  Slowly I began to feel so much better - the grinding pain diminished and I began to take a great interest in things I had neglected for so long… My quality of life has greatly improved.  I have finished the 90 day trial period recommended and will continue to take Revenol and Maximol.

Brenda Clarke

athletes healthy

Further to our recent telephone conversation, this is just a short letter to confirm the benefit our athletes have gained by using Neways products.

I am coach to the Great Britain Sprint Racing Kayak Team and for the past two years, our athletes have been using Maximol and Revenol.  We have found both these products a great benefit in keeping our athletes healthy as part of a well balanced nutritional plan.

Eric Farrell

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