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Physiological dynamics and nutrition.

the bodies physiological dynamics

The main principle of nutrition you need to know is the bodies physiological dynamics. Unlike drugs, nutrients do not always have rapid effects. Not always a 'quick fix'. The business of nutrition is to build a better body. We have to wait for nature to renew our body cells. A blood cell lasts 60-120 days. In 3-4 months your whole blood supply is completely replaced, even the DNA of your genes. In 1 to 5 years the cells in your bones are replaced, even your spine, this is constructed entirely out of the nutrients that you eat, on a day to day basis.

So when you implement an optimum nutrition programme, don't always expect rapid results. In one of our studies at the Colgan Institute, runners were supplemented to try to improve their haemoglobin, haematocrit, and red blood count. But after one month of supplementation, there was no improvement at all. After 6 months however, all three indices were significantly increased.

Think of it this way, if you take a neglected house plant and start feeding and watering it, the leaves may perk up a bit from the improved nutrition. But you have to wait for the old leaves to die off and new leaves to grow before you get a really healthy plant. It is the same as the human body. When you start feeding it better, you have to wait on the physiological dynamics of the body to grow new improved cells in the improved nutrient medium.

Having said all that, some respond very quickly, even within days, to good nutrition. When people ask me how long it will take for the products to kick in, I ask them, "How long is a piece of string?" Everyone is an individual - we all start at a different place. Just make sure you keep going long enough to get your results. Good Health.

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Physiological dynamics of the body

In 3-4 months
your whole
blood supply
is completely

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